iPhone Audi intergration

19 02 2008

As i’m writing this, iPhone has arrived from the US, been jailbraked, unlocked and my A3 is now fully intergrated with iPhone. Software in the device is running 1.1.3 with the tweeked version of customize (having lots of fun with the borat sound set).

2 days ago, an order for the Proclip was placed with a supplyer in Stockholm, i’m now looking forward to compleating my installation with this flexible mounting clips.



27 01 2008

And so it begins. The iPhone mania. In the mail is a 1.1.2 OTB or who knows maybe a brand new 1.1.3. Any how im sitting tight and surfing the web for unlocks, oneway or the other.  As of this time, im not aware of any SW based unlock solutions for the 2 latest versions. But god willingly this might happen shortly.